Terms of Service

Terms of Services for Helicopters:

All of our services are available Monday through Sunday. Please book your service in advance, however you may call for same day availability. No guarantee of availability is offered without prior reservation. Prices vary based on the type of services booked & vehicles or aircraft used for service. Passengers two (2) years of age and younger fly free if seated on the lap of a parent or legal guardian. Some helicopter flights have a two passenger minimum, call for details. All helicopters are subject to a per seat maximum weight & height limit per (FAA regulation). No person shall be permitted to board any aircraft if they appear to be intoxicated per (FAA regulations). No person shall be permitted to board any aircraft while in possession of any weapon, firearm or chemical spray per (FAA regulation). Some additional fees may apply such as but not limited to: Stand-By Fees; Landing Fees; Parking Fees, etcetera. Gratuity is not required or included in any pricing, though it is greatly appreciated.

Use of this website, and booking of any service(s) constitutes a formal agreement by you to be bound by Amaro Helicopters’ TOS, privacy policy and any other notices/contractual agreements required prior to service(s) rendered. If you object in any way to these terms, you are hereby notified to cease and desist from using this site, or any other services offered or found herein.

Booking Terms:

Rates and prices are subject to change without notice.

Passengers may be combined with other booking passengers unless other arrangements are made prior to departure.

Published Tour packages are subject to change without notice.

Purses, Bags, Backpacks, etcetera are subject to search at anytime while on airport grounds for security purposes

Valid photo Government Issued Identification Is Required for All Flights

Helicopter tours available Monday-Sunday

All bookings are subject to weather conditions, maintenance schedules & TFR’s

Please book your flight in advance; you may call for same day availability

Prices vary depending on the type of helicopter being used

Age 2 and under fly for free if seated on the lap of a parent or legal guardian

A 48hr cancellation notice is required for ALL services provided by Amaro Helicopters. If cancellation is made within 24hrs of service(s) to be provided, there will be no refund issued.

If you are a NO SHOW, you will NOT be given a refund.

Prices, helicopters, services and tours are subject to change without notice

We reserve the right to alter or terminate any flight due to security or safety concerns

Some helicopter flights have a two (2) passenger minimum

All helicopters are subject to a per seat max weight & height limit (FAA Regulations)

No person may board aircraft if they appear to be intoxicated (FAA Regulations)

No person may have any weapons or chemicals aboard aircraft (FAA Regulations)

Some additional charges may occur: stand-by fees, landing fees, parking fees, ext.

Gratuity is not included, but appreciated

We reserve the right to refuse service.

Cancellation Policy

All services offered by Amaro Helicopters must be canceled 48 hours prior to scheduled departure time for full refund. Cancellations occurring within twenty-four (24) hours of departure time will be charged the full amount of contracted service(s). Flights canceled due to maintenance, weather conditions or Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR’s) may be rescheduled or refunded. Amaro Helicopters retains the right at its sole discretion to modify, add to, remove from or adjust as needed the Terms of Service (TOS) without prior notice and without liability to any party, assumed, implied or otherwise. Use of AmaroHelicopters.com, it’s content, or any services found herein implies consent on your part to be bound to these terms. Clients agree to read these terms of service and consent to them prior to boarding, and furthermore are responsible for reviewing the TOS prior to any subsequent bookings of services, or flights.


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Privacy Statement

Amaro Helicopters does not disclose, share or otherwise divulge any personal information including but not limited to addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone/fax numbers or any other pertinent data to third parties unless otherwise authorized or required by law. Amaro Helicopters will maintain this information in accordance with the strictest security & confidentiality standards. No information should be submitted to AmaroHelicopters.com by users under the age of 18, or the age of majority in the user’s location.