Aerial Film Production

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We can provide spectacular images and excellent vantage points for your next production. With different types of helicopters and camera options, we can meet a variety of budgets. We can help make your production more efficient by providing Location Scouting, Cameraships, Storyships and with pilots that are fully-accredited members of SAG and AFTRA. This way you are sure to get the best shots possible.


SpaceCam has captured industry standards for performance, flexibility and reliability. This, coupled with unrivaled customer and logistical support, make SpaceCam the clear choice for the majority of serious film and digital productions. Without question, today SpaceCam is the industry standard, providing more advanced capabilities and more versatility than any competing system. SpaceCam was the first gyro-stabilized system to offer not only helicopter side mounts, but also tail and nose mounts. The Nose Mount, which allows for faster flight speeds in aerial filming, permits the camera to follow the action with pan and tilt speeds much faster than competing systems. With the advent of highly stabilized and controllable gyro-stabilized platforms, cinematographers are increasingly tempted to use longer lenses, which can create focus problems. SpaceCam’s fully tested and operational laser auto focus system virtually guarantees sharp, consistent focus under all lighting conditions with even very long focal lengths. It has been used extensively on a number of major films and has performed flawlessly.

Wescam (Pictorvision):

The Wescam 35mm system set the standard for stabilized imagery in cinematography. Today, customers continue to benefit from the system’s trusted performance, reliability and familiarity of use. Flown in all continents and more than 60 countries, Wescam 35mm Aerial System spawned the aerial stabilization industry, winning an Academy Award for its contribution to the motion picture industry.


Can see from long distances, perform in any environment or weather conditions, to be there to capture the shot that matters. Filmmakers around the world trust the clarity, accuracy and reliability of Cineflex. The Cineflex camera consistently delivers the accuracy filmmakers expect and the quality viewers demand from the World Cup and the Olympics to Discovery Channel’s “Planet Earth” and Paramount Pictures’ “Transformers”. Cineflex camera systems have been used to capture the defining moments of high-profile sporting events, television series and films. The Cineflex V14 HD (Gen3) gyro-stabilized camera system can film visually stunning high definition aerial footage. Micro-processor gyro sensors control powerful motors to remove even the slightest vibration creating rock solid HD video capture. The advanced design utilizes an aluminum and carbon-fiber structure with full internal gyro-stabilization of azimuth, elevation, and roll axes.

Tyler Camera Systems:

The Tyler Middle Mount II and Nose Mount II are the most common and versatile helicopter camera system worldwide. The Middle Mount II, also known as the “Side Mount” enables a panorama of angles visible from the side of the helicopter and gives you the options of using almost any camera, lens, filters and other accessories of your choice. Combined with Tyler’s Gyro-Assist, the Middle Mount II becomes even steadier, this allows for smoother and tighter shots. The Tyler Nose Mount II offers a forward-looking point of view with remote down and up tilt. The Nose Mount II, also known as the “Belly Mount” is the ideal platform for establishing and revealing shots, using a wide-angle lens.

Cast & Crew Transportation:

We can arrange transportation for your cast & crew to and from any location, or to and from any airport. We can also get studio executives to all the places they need to be without the hassle of public transportation.

Fuel Truck Support:

We have our own fuel truck which allows the helicopter(s) to stay on location, saving time and money for your production.

Ground Crew Support:

We provide our own ground crew staff for all production. They help with our aerial services, aircraft refueling, crowed control and ground safety

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