Aerial Photography

Our team of professional and experienced photographers are ready to serve you 24/7. We have worked with Law Firms, Ad Agencies, Federal and Local Governmental Agencies, Construction Companies, Engineering Firms, International Shipping companies, real estate firms, public relations agencies, multi-national Corporations, Small Businesses and Private Individuals.

We Provide High Definition Photography & Videography for:

• Air-to-Air

• Sporting Events

• Construction Sites

• Legal Cases

• Real Estate

• Special Events

• Corporate Marketing

• Weddings

• Industrial Properties

• Commercial Property

• Architectural/Civil Engineering Projects

• Marina

• Political Functions

• PR Ads


Our lead aerial photographer is, Paul DeMers. Paul has been shooting aerial photography assignments for more than 40 years. He has worked with Representatives from the White House, Congress and the Senate, as well as with international corporations, small businesses and with thousands of families just like yours. Paul’s wonderful photos have been used in Annual Reports, magazines, billboards, product packaging, court cases, trade show displays and on TV. He has spent more than 10,000 hours in the air shooting from both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft from sea level to 12,000 feet above the ground. Paul is available nationwide 24 hours, 7 days a week.

“The best cameras produce the best pictures. Always have, always will.”

Digital, Utra High Resolution Video Services

For aerial video, Paul shoots out of the open cockpit using a hand-held stabilized Blackmagic Production 4K camera which uses Zeiss Cinema glass and the first ever, "Global Shutter". This new shutter system produces buttery smooth pans without all of the typical "jello" movement distortions, produced by the rotating shutters, found in older lower-quality video cameras. Blackmagic Production 4k produces 4 times the image quality of 1080p video cameras. This is Cinerama-quality, on a shoestring.

Photography Equipment

Paul uses the highest quality digital camera gear available. For still photos he uses the amazing 80 million pixel, medium format PhaseOne IQ180 Digital back and the Mamiya 645DF+ camera body. This camera system is the most expensive in the world, offering the highest resolution. You’ll be able to count the leaves on a tree from 500 feet. This camera is truly an incredible tool which produces amazing pictures. Paul will never use film or lower quality, consumer-grade 35mm digital cameras for your project. His cameras are professional grade and produce amazing, high definition pictures with sharp details and fantastic colors. Paul shoots an average of 400 high definition pictures per hour. There is no extra charge for this incredible volume of pictures. Paul will personally Photoshop, crop, edit, color-correct, density-manage and sharpen all of your original pictures before you ever see them. The post-production services usually take a day to complete. When he is finished with the post production, you will be given JPEG and TIFF files. Your 300dpi JPEG files will be great for use online and your 300dpi TIFF files will produce the best high definition photographic prints possible. You will be able to print your digital files as soon as you receive them.


Once processed, you’ll own all of the copyrights to the High Definition picture files shot during your photography assignment. Paul will retain limited use authorization to some of the pictures shoot for the purposes of marketing his photography services. You will be able to use them as you wish, where you wish and for as long as you wish.

Helicopter Cost

The helicopter cost will vary depending on the type of helicopter required and how much flight time is used. We bill according to the exact amount of time used for your project according to the onboard HOBBS meter. A one hour minimum for all photo flights is required. We allow clients to fly with our photographer when shooting your assignment. Paul will take care of booking the right helicopter needed to get the job done. He will select a pilot according to his or her aerial photo abilities. An estimate of your aircraft costs will be provided to you before your photo flight is booked.

Photographer Cost

Paul works on an hourly basis charging a flat rate of just $100.00 per hour, plus materials and expenses. He has a 1-hour minimum with the additional time being billed per quarter-hour. This fee covers all of his professional services, such as pre-assignment meetings, design, FAA permits (if needed), photography, videography and all post-production services. The entire project will be bided according to your exact specifications and pre-approved by all parties before day of photo flight. Once approved, Paul will not exceed the pre-approved budget unless you make changes to the project. Additional charges will apply if Paul needs to travel to some distant destination for your project, over-night stays, car rentals or airfare. Any additional charges will be per approval. We never bill clients for meals or mark up any of the expenses above.

Professional, 50-pound, Octocopter Drone

As soon as allowed by the FAA, Paul will be shooting low and slow, 80 million pixel stills and 4k video from his 6-foot wide, custom designed, smooth flying remote-controlled octocopter "Drone" aircraft. Using GPS controls and many years worth of R/C experience, Paul will be able to go where he could only dream about before. Years ago, Paul developed a 30-foot long, helium-filled blimp system that allowed him to go to 700 feet agl, shooting stills and video. Unlike the Drone, the blimp was 100% unpredictable.

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